Code red policy for functions and events

What is a planned closure?

Mist@Olinda will be pre-emptively closed on days determined by the Emergency Management Commissioner as having a Code Red Fire Danger Rating.

Why are we pre-emptively closing Mist@Olinda?

Our priority is the safety of our staff and customers.  On a Code Red day all facilities at Mist@Olinda will be closed, as will the National Rhododendron gardens.

Who makes the decision to close the gardens and function facilities?

The decision to pre-emptively close the function room is made by the general manager of Mist@Olinda based on a Code Red day being declared by the Emergency Management Commissioner.

How much notice will I have if Mist@Olinda is going to be closed?

It is intended that function and event bookings will be provided with as much notice as possible of a planned closure. However, if unexpected weather patterns are experienced, closures may happen at short notice. The final decision to close Mist@Olinda will be confirmed no later than 1.00pm the day before the planned closure.

Who will tell me that Mist@Olinda will be closed?

You will be directly advised by one of our functions managers of the closure and they will run through any alternative arrangements that may be possible. This includes being moved to an alternative venue or postponing to a different date.

What happens if the forecast changes?

If the Bureau of Meteorology downgrades the risk forecast in the days leading-up to a planned closure, the closure may be cancelled and Mist@Olinda will be allowed to remain open. The final decision to pre-emptively close Mist@Olinda will be confirmed no later than 1.00pm the day before the planned closure. Once the decision to close has been confirmed, there will be no change – regardless of improvements to the weather conditions the following afternoon or overnight. This will help limit confusion and provide time for bookings to make alternative arrangements for their function or event.

On average, how many days does Mist@Olinda predict that it will need to close due to Code Red days?

While we cannot predict the exact number of days, it should be noted that there has not been a determined Code Red day since January 2010 so it is extremely unlikely that your function or event is going to fall on a code red declared day.

When Mist@Olinda is closed will any staff remain on site?

No. The safety of staff is our main priority so no-one is to remain on site when Mist@Olinda is closed due to high-bushfire danger risk.

Will there be times when Mist@Olinda is closed but another function facility not far away remains open?

Yes. SkyHigh (our sister venue) is not affected by Code Red fire danger days so will remain open and may be available for your function or event.

If my function or event doesn't go ahead because of a code red, do I lose the money that I have paid?

If your function or event is postponed to a future date but still remains at Mist@Olinda then you will not lose any money paid directly to Mist@Olinda however you will need to check your cancellation policy with external suppliers like florists, DJ's and event hire companies. If your function or event is moved to an alternative venue organised by us then you will be liable for any increased costs incurred. If you decide to book an alternative venue yourself because Mist@Olinda has been closed due to a code red then you will receive a full refund of your function and event less the non refundable initial deposit.

Can my guests still not attend even if Mist@Olinda remains open?

Yes. If your guests decide they are in danger entering a bush fire prone area in fire season they may decide not to attend your function or event.

The CFA may close roads to the Dandenongs if there is a fire in the vicinity and this may make it impossible for guests to get to Mist@Olinda.


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